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Anatomy of a Roller Skate

Skating Information | Frequently asked questions


Yes, they are replaceable on all our skates. Please note that the Adjustable and Standard toe stops are not interchangeable as they feature differing bolt thread sizes.

Adjustable – 5/8ths Imperial
Standard - 5/16ths Imperial

78A-80A - These are really soft wheels that are super grippy and should be used either exclusively outdoors on asphalt and concrete OR on very slippery indoor surfaces.

84A-85A - Also considered soft wheels, these wheels are often considered a hybrid wheel that can be used either indoors or outdoors. These wheels are good for a beginner (even if you only skate indoors) as they give you more grip and control.

86A-89A - These are the softest wheels truly made for indoor courts like gyms, polished concrete or really slippery indoor wood that has not been treated.

90A-93A - These medium hard wheels provide a normal grip. They are great for medium grippy floors like polished concrete or sport court.

94A-96A - These are the first class of truly hard wheels. They have a low level of grip and are good for stickier floors.

97A-103A These are super hard wheels only appropriate for roller rink floors and rubberized gym floors that have been treated and are sticky. Anything over 100A is so hard that it technically falls in the B category. This means the wheel is really hard and only meant for more experienced skaters on a sticky, indoor surface.

When you first purchase your skates the bushings, trucks and hardware are all brand new so may not be 100% level when you rest the skate on the floor. This is because the skates are manufactured and designed to have the user's weight put in them. After time the bushings and hardware will adjust, soften and ‘bed-in’ to your own skating style. Every skater is different and the urethane hardware will adapt overtime to suit your skating style/position.

It is possible to swap a plastic plate for an aluminium plate, however Rookie skates are tested for safety with their original hardware. If you do choose to change your plate, you will most likely need to re-drill new plate fixing holes to fit the new plate, which should be done by a professional. We currently do not sell plates on their own so you will need to buy a different brand’s plate to affix to your Rookie skates. Please note that changing any hardware on your skates will void your warranty.

Slide blocks are designed to fit various plates and third party brands tend to be universal (barring sizing etc). We recommend speaking to the brand you wish to buy slide blocks from to ensure you get the correct block to fit your Rookie skates.

Currently you cannot swap a standard toestop for an adjustable one on Rookie skates, as they have different thread sizes that screw into the plate.

"Standard toestop - 5/16""

Adjustable toestop - 5/8"""

To change your bushings, first you need to remove the kingpin nut located on the trucks by turning anti-clockwise using a 9/16" or 14mm socket. Once you have removed this nut, you can take off the washer and conical bushing, remove the truck from the pivot cup and take out the barrel bushing and the second washer (if there is one). You can then put the new bushings on by repeating the previous instructions in reverse. Make sure the new bushings are the correct size and will fit your specific skates. You can find more information in the bushings explanation on our Getting Started page.

Sometimes new wheels and bushings can squeak when compressed or when the top surface of your wheel rolls in certain directions for the first time. This is normal so do not worry – it will reduce once you wear your skates and wheels in. You may also find that your wheels squeak on different floor types. This is because the standard wheels on all Rookie skates are generally on the softer side to give you more grip, but subsequently means they move about more. Again, this is normal and will subside over time. Cleaning your wheels with some bearing lubricant will usually solve the problem.

We highly recommend wearing protective gear when in your roller skates. A helmet, knee, elbow, and wrist pads will give you the best protection from falls, especially when learning!


You can clean your skates with a damp cloth. It is not a good idea to get water down inside your boots or use any form of detergent or soap as these elements could react badly with the glues, etc and damage them in the long run.

To maintain the skates’ insides long term, you can get moisture absorbing accessories that you can put in your roller skates in between uses as well as using antimicrobial spray after each session on your skates.

Your toestops will wear down over time due to the soft urethane material. They should be replaced or adjusted when your skating becomes affected by the angle/size of the toestop or when they’re no longer allowing you to perform as you would like. For your own safety do not wear them down to the metal bolt, as this can be dangerous.

Your wheels will wear down over time due to the soft urethane material. They should be replaced when skating becomes noticeably harder and/or you notice a sudden decrease in grip or speed. Rotating your wheels regularly will help them last longer, as one side will always wear down quicker due to the different weight and power distribution from your left-right sides. This will vary depending on the person and the type of skating they do. You can find more information about how to do this on the ‘Welcome to Rookie Skates’ page and in your owner’s manual.

You will need the below:
  • A flat spanner (as flat as possible approx 6mm in thickness) of 22mm
  • For the nuts and bolts, a Rookie tool will do this perfectly.
  • This is a Y-Shaped multitool to maintain and adjust any rollerskates.

Examples of sockets sizes below.
  • 5/16" / 8mm - Socket for Mounting hardware
  • 1/2" / 13mm - Socket for Wheel nuts
  • 9/16" / 14mm - Socket for Kingpin nuts
  • 1/8" Allen key
  • Phillips Screwdriver

When there is considerable wear to your stopper compared to when it was new, it may be time for a replacement. You should never be able to see the bolt if it is an adjustable stopper.

You’ll need to purchase the correct size plugs depending on what type of toestop you have: a standard toestop has a thread size of 5/16" while adjustable toestops have a thread size of 5/8".

When the wheel starts to wear to its critical limit you will notice that the profile will start to look very flat and low compared with a new wheel. If any gaps or cracking starts to appear in the wheel, this means you have ridden almost to the core and replacements should be bought as soon as possible for the best performance and for your safety.


If you have a specific question relating to any of our products that isn't answered on our FAQ's, you can always contact us at no matter how technical! We are here to help you.

The following styles are vegan; Harmony, Legacy, Magic, Fever, Rosa, Bubblegum, Artistic, Rainbow, Blossom and Passion.

All our product details are in the description found on the product page and this section will outline whether they are vegan friendly or not!

Not sure which size to go for? Visit our Find Your Size page on tips how to measure your feet, and all of our size guides.

If you require further assistance, please contact us at

Wheels and bearings are wearing components. Keeping them clean and lubricated, whilst choosing good smooth dry surfaces, free from debris and sand etc, will keep both wheel and bearings in best condition for as long as possible. If you believe there is an issue with the wheels or bearings, contact us at and we will advise you.

  • Indoor roller rinks
  • Smooth surface/concrete/tarmac outdoors (without cracks etc.)
  • Skateparks

We highly suggest not to skate on mud, grass, rough surfaces, or busy areas!

UK JR12-5 / EU 31-38 : Max User Weight - 60kg

UK 6-8 / EU 39.5-42 : Max User Weight - 100kg

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